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do you sell niggers?
Mon Apr 27, 2015, 1:39 AM
Fri Apr 24, 2015, 5:05 AM
Fri Apr 10, 2015, 12:23 AM
Thu Dec 18, 2014, 2:40 AM
Wed Dec 17, 2014, 11:46 PM


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Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
I bet you would REALLY like to know who I am.
Metal Forever \m/…

My SFM channel
OC info (short):
Name: Vulsegardt
Secondary/last name: Rune Stroke
Gender: Female/mare
Race: Unicorn
Cutie mark: Blue quill crossing a black Futhark -F- rune. (aka norse f rune) Vulsegardt Cutie Mark by Cider-Crave
Occupation: Runic translator for the Canterlot archives.
Talent: Runic translation and writing, as well as with other archaic scriptures. Also Is heavily effective and
sensitive to runic magic. Lígetungbléd
Preffered active time: Night, foggy/stormy/snowy evenings.

personality: A rather obsessive pony, she has a tenancy to get caught up in her work with ancient scriptures and scrolls, often getting in an almost unbreakable focus and at times can be caught singing to herself the very writings she is interpreting, an act which she fears getting caught doing. She is intelligent but is rather smug at times, and will not hold back an opinion. Often a bit assertive she will still keep an open mind for other opinions and is quick to back down if she even perceives herself as wrong, regardless of validity. This can backfire and make her somewhat easy to exploit. Other than that she is a caring and sensitive pony who is close with her friends that she has, while still timid or indifferent to those she does not know.

Originally from the very northern reaches of equestria, as a filly she moved to canterlot to be raised by her Grandfather "Saegward", a former guard in the Canterlot archives and a partial scholar himself, she gained an appreciation for history and magic while hanging around the archives when he would bring her to his old work. Often she would wind up missing and would always be found a midst piles of scrolls and books.
But even with her love of learning and history, she always had a burning passion for her home in the north, and is proud of her roots.
My SCA group died
I love philosophy!

I am not just an SFMer and mlp fan, I have a vast interest in various sociological studies and craftworks.
My main focus is the history and mystery of the Nordic(germanic/norse/saxon) peoples of europe, and I dabble in research, reenactment, bladesmithery, authentic clothing replication, leatherwork, metalwork, genetic tracking, and I even have hopes for on location archaeology and forensics.
My beliefs are of Old Norse Paganism, but I am not neo-pagan.

I also am a practicing musician, enjoying singing and playing guitar, but together that's hard as hell to do.

Stop fandom abuse - MLP:FIM by HyaKkiDouR4n I hate shipping by RapcAnti-every-mlp-pairing by PhendranaguardianIT! by BluDraconoidCut it out with the MLP shipping. Just stop. by TheHappySpaceman01not a brony by PontusKay


Yep, got my pc back with my HD installed, works like a charm =P

Also got a Wacom tablet for drawing if I ever get used to the thing.
At the moment I am a distracted SoB so I may or may not be working on sfm's regularly.
Alright I have to be fully honest now, I have lied about my gender for years. I am actually a girl, I never was comfortable enough to come out about it because everyone always goes nuts over girls on the internet, and I didn't want the subjectivity. I am sure you all understand. :)

April Fools!!!

For those of you that get what I am poking fun at, I often get mistaken for a girl online because of my oc, even on gmod RP servers.
People are silly as fuck.


May 25, 2015
1:17 am
May 23, 2015
4:12 pm
May 23, 2015
12:06 am
May 22, 2015
11:10 pm
May 22, 2015
5:42 pm




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